Call for Posts

Dear Reader,Scripture & Theology is a collaborative weblog devoted to discussing the intersection between the Bible (the Church’s scripture) and the teaching of the Church (theology).  There are two ways to join this collaborative discussion.  First, comment on the posts that interest you and interact with the other readers of Scripture & Theology.  Second, submit a post to us.  We will review it and either put it into the line-up of posts to be published in the near future or let you know why we will not be doing so.  We welcome posts that are:

1.  relevant to the intersection of scripture and theology

  • of service to both the Church and the academy (n.b. we are quite willing to accept that those outside the Church can still be of service to the Church, not to mention the academy)
  • examples of a healthy, living relationship, i.e, not simply theory or method
  • interacting with historical or contemporary biblical exegesis, historical or contemporary theology, or any mix of all these

2. well written

  • thoughtful-critical when necessary, but never ad hominem
  • clear-clarity in writing is an act of service to the reader
  • accessible to ministers, students and teachers
  • proofed-the editors are not copy-editors
  • referenced (if necessary, provide enough information for your fellow readers to find the information at their library or bookshop [or should we say SBL?]

3. under 500 words

A note of explanation: This is a weblog, not an on-line journal.  If you simply cannot say it in 500 words, turn it into an article or monograph and submit it to a journal for publication.  When it is published we will be happy to bring it to the attention of our readership for discussion.

A non-exhaustive list of post genre

  • Book reviews
  • Theological exegesis
  • Exegetical theology
  • Noticing and analyzing trends in this area
  • Engagements with historical and contemporary doctors (teachers) of the Church
  • Announcements of conferences or calls for papers on this topic

With highest hopes for our future collaboration,

-The Editors